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Just one more piece of post-Escapade business…

We’d love to know what you loved (or didn’t love) about Escapade this  year.  If you filled out a comments form before you

left, super!  If you  didn’t, we have it online here:

It’ll only take a few minutes, and we really appreciate knowing what worked and what might need some improvement.

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is the longest running slash convention in the US. Every year it hosts a vid
show of fanvids in front of a live audience. This year, the convention is
offering a streaming playlist of the vids that were shown over the weekend.
Just click on the link and the vid show should start playing.

the first vid is a password protected vid. When you run into a password
protected vid, the password can be found be in the info box below the vid. You
will enter it, hit play and the playlist should start. If a vid pauses, no
worries. Just click play and the playlist will resume.

those who would like to own a dvd of the show, we still have some available:


leave feedback to the vidders by clicking on the blue button “Comment On
My AO3 page”.  If there is no AO3
page, please click on the logo (usually in the lower right hand corner) and it
will take you to where the vidder has uploaded their vid and you can leave your
feedback there.


not all vids are included in the Escapade 2019 vid playlist.

Burn – Jill, Kathy, and Kay – Rejseholdet (Unit One):
(download only)

and the Flood – kat-byrd – The Professionals. A streaming version is here:

Goes Wrong – kat-byrd – Starsky & Hutch. 
A streaming version is here:
(warning: flashing/flickering images)


Escapade received so many vid submissions this year that they were able to
offer an overflow vid show. The playlist for the overflow vid show is here:


soon : a vid playlist for the Escapade Dance Party.


the host site Viddercon:

is brand new site (many months in the making) that allows fans to build
playlists across multiple streaming video platforms. Playlists on this network
allow for a mix of vids from You Tube, Vimeo, Peertube, Tumblr, etc. This site
is a proof of concept and currently in its very early stages. It is being built
by fans for fans. Fans currently working on the project are vidders Garfield
(VidderKidder) and Morgan Dawn (MeeeDeee).

you wander through the site, you may come across other convention vid shows,
vid challenges or personal recommendation playlists. The convention vid shows
are unofficial collections that the site has been using to test playlist
creation and embedding under “real world” conditions. All playlists
have been created using publicly posted info and all have been clearly marked
as “unofficial”.

more about the site via the FAQ:

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This is it!  Many of us will be finding our way to the Escapade hotel tomorrow, and the con officially begins on Friday morning. We are all looking forward to a weekend of fun and socializing and talking and playing and … and …


It looks like the weather in Los Angeles is going to be chilly (by California standards): low 60s and partially sunny.  Pack accordingly, and remember that inside will likely be air-conditioned.

Hotel airport shuttle

If you’re flying in, the hotel (Embassy Suites North) has a free shuttle from LAX.

Shuttle information provided by the hotel:

When you are coming from the terminals, go to the center median and look up for the RED SIGN that says, Hotel and Courtesy Shuttle and look for the yellow and burgundy bus.  On the side it will say, Embassy Suites LAX North, Residence Inn LAX & Airport Center. The shuttle does a constant loop from the airport to the two hotels & Airport Center.  The frequency is approximately 20 to 30 minutes, but they are not on a set schedule.

 You can contact the our hotel directly at (310) 215-1000 to have them contact dispatch. Please provide them with your terminal number and how many people are in your group. The shuttle fits up to 18 people at a time and is Handicap Accessible.

Parking at the hotel

If you’re driving in, we have negotiated a reduced parking rate with the hotel (Embassy Suites North).  For the overnight parking, each guest with a vehicle will be asked upon check-in if they are parking a car with us. If they don’t ask, tell them!

We have a discounted rate of $16+tax per day in place for Escapade 2019, and the parking charges will be charged to your hotel bill. For the daily attendees who are not staying at the hotel, you will let the front desk know you are with Escapade 2019 and pay at the front desk. You can park in any spots in either the above-ground lot, or the below-ground parking garage, and take the elevator up to the lobby. (We recommend this as it is easier and quicker access to the lobby.)

Thursday night pre-reg and more

Early registration will run from 7:00-8:30 pm in the con suite, room 430.

This year, we are offering two events on Thursday night to help you prepare for your con experience.

Thursday at 7:00 pm in the large Laguna/Malibu room, join us for a guided tour of the convention space. Based on feedback from past years, we are offering this opportunity to familiarize yourselves with the room layout before you’re scrambling to get from one panel to the next.  This tour will also be offered at 12:00 pm on Friday.

Thursday at 7:30 pm in the Newport room, we will run an early version of How to Mod a Panel. New and experienced panel mods are welcome to come ask questions, discuss what it means to moderate an Escapade panel, and share wisdom and tips with your fellow mods!  This panel will also be offered at 1:00 pm on Friday.


Recent News Updates:


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One of this year’s scholarship recipients, Seperis, is a first time attendee and another, Luminosity, is a long time friend of Escapade who hasn’t been with us in several years.  We’re thrilled that they will be joining us!

The one thing that would make us happier still is to be able to help out a few more people.  To do that, though, we will need to rely on everyone’s continued generosity.  Asking for more donations is never easy, but we’re doing just that, asking that anyone who can help out, in any amount, please give to the scholarship fund.  We even make it easy to do:

You can also make donations at the con at the registration table.

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps us help others!


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The Escapade Dealer Room offers a variety of opportunities to drop a little cash picking up fannish memorabilia, zines, fan-oriented clothing and jewelry, and more!  With open hours during all three days of the con, the dealer room is a great way to spend some time between panels. Don’t forget to bring cash!


diannelamerc:  Killer Clockwork Llama

Fannish Jewelry and Crafts


Jim: Jim & Melody’s Vintage Fanzines

Fanzines & more fanzines. Also, books, stuffies, and more.


kandy fong

vids & zines & jewelry & more


Sue Tooran: Featherweight Finery

Handmade jewelry executed in fun, vibrant, light weight anodized aluminum.


sian1359: A Wrinkle in Time

Licensed pop culture items of interest to slash fans.


And Ken will be running our Orphan Sales table as usual, offering Escapade vid show DVDs and whatever else members bring to sell.


Check out our dealer room page for hours, details on orphan sales, and more:

Dealer Room



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Escapade 29 is right around the corner! Less than 2 weeks until the convention starts, and there are still a few things you can do to get ready.

First, a special note regarding elevator access in the hotel:  If you are planning to commute to the con and will not be staying in the hotel, please let us know and provide us with your full real name, so we can make arrangements with the hotel for your elevator access.  They are less willing than in past years to unlock the elevators during the convention weekend. If you let us know, we can give your name to the hotel, and they will provide you with a special key to use while you’re attending Escapade, so you can access the elevators and reach the con suite. Email us at to make arrangements.

Here are some other things you can do now to prepare for Escapade:

  • Register for the con! Did you know there are still open spots for full weekend or single day memberships? There are!  Not 100% sure you ever actually registered for the con?  Want to make sure your friends are attending?  Please take a moment to review the membership list on the Escapade website to confirm that your own membership is current, and please reach out to your friends if you don’t see them on the list! Use the following links to check registration status for you and your friends, and to register for the con:

List of Members


Register for Escapade


  • Contribute to the Escapade Art Show! If you have considered bringing art to display or sell at the art show, it’s not too late. If you know you plan to bring art for the show, please register your art ahead of time.  This helps save time for art show staff and volunteers at the con and is much appreciated.  Details about the art show and the link to register your art can be found here:

The Escapade Art Show


  • Sign up for DIY panel slots! The panel schedule has been created based on the votes of the membership, but there are still slots in the schedule for you to revive panels that didn’t make the cut or create new panels that weren’t submitted to the original ballot. Panel slots are assigned on a first come, first served basis, including any slots remaining once the convention is underway. Your panel information must be received by Friday 2/15 to be included in the Escapade program book. Review the panel schedule and follow the instructions on the Escapade panel page now to get your pick of the available slots:



  • Consider volunteering during the con! Escapade is grateful for the enthusiastic assistance of our volunteers throughout each convention. We literally could not do it without you. Please review the Escapade schedule and consider signing up for some volunteer shifts. Visit the volunteer page for more info about volunteering:

Volunteer at the Con



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The Escapade panel schedule is posted.  Go here to view the schedule and begin planning your weekend:


Did your panel not make the cut?  Did something catch your interest  after panels suggestions closed?  We have a plan for that!  Find a slot marked “Available” in the schedule and claim it for your panel or gathering.  Requests received by Friday 2/15 will be listed in the Escapade program book.  All we need in order to add it to the schedule is a catchy title (you do want people to come join you, right?) a description, and your preferred  choice of time.  Open slots are filled on a “first come, first served”  basis, so please pick two time slots that would work for you, and we’ll try to give you your first choice.

Panel slots can still be claimed after 2/15, but are not guaranteed to be listed in the program book.  Any slots still available at the convention can be claimed on a “first-come, first served” basis during the weekend.

So check out the schedule, consider whether you want to schedule something in an open panel slot, and enjoy thinking about all the fun programming you can attend during the weekend!  Printable version of the schedule and program book will be linked on the schedule page on the website when they are finalized.


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The con suite is a great place to relax with friends, sit and chat and grab a snack.  We love it when people bring food to share, but we must be aware of food safety.  If you plan to bring home-made food to share in the con suite, please let us know at and we’ll work out the details.

For general information about the Escapade con suite:


Recent News Updates:


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We love getting donations for the raffle!  What do we want, you ask? Anything new or nearly new that a fellow fan would love: DVD sets, tech stuff, custom fannish items, m/m books–use your imagination!

When do we want the donations?  Preferably as early during the convention as you can bring them to us: the more people who see them, the more tickets will be sold.

Not sure if what you want to bring is appropriate?  Email us and ask:

All revenue from the raffle supports our Escapade 2019 charity: the ACLU,


Swap Table

Fannish Slash Swap Meet, or I used to love it, now it’s your turn!

How does it work?  You bring something and leave it, you take something away.  If you don’t have something to leave, but see something you love, you can leave a contribution in the donation jar, and proceeds will also go to this year’s charity.  Yes, it’s just that easy!

What to bring for the Slash Swap Table: Fannish items that you have too many of or have no further need for.  Bring them and let another fan give them a good home.  Attendees (your fellow fans) love things like genre magazines, old fanzines, action figures, used but still good DVD sets, etc, etc…

What not to bring: VHS tapes — we can’t recycle them, either. We sympathize with not wanting to throw them out, but that’s what will happen to them, and we’d rather you did it at your house.

Het (m/f) romance.  We get an overabundance, and can’t store it so we’re trying to rebalance the swap meet back toward the slash side of things.


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Every year at Escapade we are so grateful for our volunteers. The truth is that it is our volunteers who help us keep the con running, and help us keep our sanity during the busy con weekend.

One great place to volunteer at Escapade is the con suite. We aim to have a con suite that is welcoming and a place fans want to gather and spend some time. Con suite volunteers help us with registration, food prep, running errands, the zine library, and most importantly making the space fun and welcoming to everyone. Volunteers have also served as door guards or assisted with setting up panel rooms, and information about these kinds of opportunities will be available in the con suite if needed.

If you are new to Escapade, volunteering at the con is a great way to meet people.  If you are a repeat attendee, we know that new fans really appreciate having someone in the con suite to help guide them to the best the con has to offer.

Last year we introduced the option to live-tweet or live-blog Escapade panels as a volunteer opportunity, and that option is available again this year. Help share the experience of an Escapade panel with friends who can’t attend the con, and showcase the clever, funny, and intriguing ideas that make Escapade panels so much fun.

Also, in appreciation of the volunteers who are so vital to the con, if you volunteer for five or more hours you will be automatically registered for next year’s convention, and receive a $10 credit!

If you want to volunteer or have any questions about volunteering you can email us at  You can also sign up for volunteer slots in the con suite at the convention.

Visit the volunteer page on the Escapade website for more information:

Volunteer at the Con

And go here for more information about the Escapade con suite:

Con Suite


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